Super Heavy Duty Technology

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Demanding commercial vehicles require nothing less than the most powerful, reliable, durable batteries. The Hankook AtlasBX Commercial Batteries have excellent starting power to provide the best starting, higher reserve capacity and deep discharge cycling to provide the reliable power. Hankook AtlasBX is the perfectly power solution and has the right battery for every commercial vehicle as always, Hankook AtlasBX ’s outstanding product quality is the result of our innovative technology.
SHD Technology
Thicker plate design with DURABILITY TECHNOLOGY resist the damaging effects of vibration, delivering more cyclic stability than other batteries
High performance polyethylene separator with fleece specially designed for heavy duty batteries
Hot melt glue application design provide to ensures resistance to vibration and minimize loss of active mass
Exceeds EN Super Heavy Duty (SHD) requirements (E4; 360cycle) standard and vibration resistance (V3 ; 20h at 6g)