Installation and recharging

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① Turn off engine, all accessories and key-off.
② Remove the negative cable (Ground) first, and then positive cable from the old battery.
③ Remove the hold-down bracket or clamp.
④ Replace with new battery and fix it with hole-down bracket or clamp.
⑤ Connect cables in reverse order from positive to negative
    (if clamp or cables are corroded, remove corroded material and grease it)
If the battery is below 12.4V or fails to pass the load test, battery must be recharged as soon as possible to prevent lead sulfation. During charge, if the battery sprays electrolyte through the vent holes or gets hot (over 52℃), the charge must be stopped for a time to allow the battery to cool. Constant current charge method 1. Measure the OCV(Open Circuit Voltage)of a discharged battery. 2. Set the OCV and capacity of the battery with moderate electric current and time stated below table. 3. Connect the battery to constant current charger and start charging. 4. When the charging time is completed, separates battery from the charger.
State of
Sp.Gr OCV ~30Ah ~40Ah ~50Ah ~60Ah ~70Ah ~80Ah ~90Ah ~100Ah ~110Ah
1.5A 2.0A 2.5A 3.0A 3.5A 4.0A 4.5A 5.0A 5.5A
100% 1.265 12.7
75% 1.225 12.4 6Hrs
50% 1.190 12.2 12Hrs
25% 1.155 12.0 18Hrs
Discharged 1.120 11.9 24Hrs
Constant voltage charge method 1. Connect the discharged battery to constant voltage charger. 2. Charge for 24 hours as following voltage upon battery type.
     - 12V MF Battery: 16V
     - 12V AGM Battery: 14.4V
3. When the charging time is completed, separates battery from the charger.