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  • Hankook AtlasBX is creating sustainable values for stakeholders by communicating with them through various channels and incorporating their opinions and suggestions in taking business and management activities.
1. Stakeholder Model
We have established CEO-lead CSR management system for integrated CSR execution. Through regular reviews and reporting,
CSR activities are executed to achieve the planned result.
Hankook AtlasBX has gone through a careful analysis on various stakeholders and internal / external business environment to categorize core stakeholder
groups that are directly related to our business and general stakeholder groups that are indirectly or potentially related to us.
We always intend to share our CSR plans and performance results with our stakeholders.
2. Communication Channels
Core Stakeholders Communication Channel Related Issues
(General Customers,
Car Manufacturers)
Dealer discussions, customer satisfaction
surveys, exhibitions, sustainability evaluations
  • Product quality
  • Product responsibility, responsible marketing
  • User health & safety, proactive communication with
    customers, accommodation of customer opinions
  • Appropriate response to sustainability evaluation
    (social, environmental issues and supply chains etc)
Employees Employee-management discussions,
discussions with CEO, health & safety, internal
reporting channel, internal suggestion channel
  • Embracing diversity and non-discrimination
  • Training support for growth
  • Creation of better work environment
  • Better employee-management relations through
    active internal communication
  • Promoting health & safety at work
Partners Training for quality control & CSR, regular
evaluation process, HePS
  • Support programs for partner competitiveness
    (training workshops, technical support etc)
  • Fair trade and mutually-beneficial partnership
  • Proactive communication and sharing of information
Local Community Public discussions, gathering of public opinions
  • Minimizing environmental impact
  • Revitalizing local economy
  • Support for the under-privileged in the community
  • Social investment through community work
Shareholders / Investors Board of directors meetings, shareholders’
meetings, IR events
  • Maximizing business outcome & shareholder value
  • Managing transparency and sustainability
  • Business ethics, integrated risk management