Business Ethics

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  • Hankook AtlasBX is making consistent efforts to promote ethical awareness across the company.
  • Our aim is to grow together with all our employees and stakeholders by establishing a healthy corporate culture.
Transparency-focused business ethics system of a company serves as the ground for establishing and
maintaining relationships with various stakeholders.
Today’s companies are faced with even higher standards for transparency and business ethics as the society
requires corporates to be socially responsible at all times.
Risk & Opportunity
There is increasing global ethical risk from changes in business environment.
Through consistent application of business ethics and creation of a healthy corporate culture, companies can gain stakeholders’trust and enhance global competitiveness.
Future Plans
In order to establish a proper culture of ethics management, we will reinforce ethics education and training
for the employees and revitalizing the internal monitoring and reporting system.
  • Establishment Of Business Ethics
    System & Comprehensive Revision
  • More Active Participation
    for Online Training
  • Signing of
    “Pledge of Business Ethics”