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  • At Hankook AtlasBX , we are bound together by proactive leadership, a standard which we all share and which provides a crucial blueprint for fulfilling our mission and vision. Proactive leadership is identified by four essential characteristics of passion, innovation, trust, and global. Each characteristic motivates us to self-evolve and take ownership of our tasks, fulfilling the roles we are given to the best of our abilities.
We are passionate. We have a goal.
Passion plays a large role in our work. When we’re passionate about what we do, we do it better and enjoy doing it more. Passion also helps us to focus on our goals and priorities, proactively carrying out each of our responsibilities with leadership.
We are innovative. We create possibilities.
We define innovation as the act of progressing forward with new possibilities. Our forward-oriented approach allows us to redefine the present and evolve the future; opening windows of opportunity that help us reach the next level, individually and collectively.
We are collaborative. We build trust.
When diverse talent and potential combine, powerful accomplishments can be achieved. Proactive leadership is best practiced when we respect and leverage the strengths of colleagues and partners. We constantly encourage one another to utilize creativity, perspective, intellect, resources, and shared principles, building trust and understanding in each other.
We are global. We share an open mind.
Culturally diverse backgrounds and perspectives are powerful advantages that allow us to bring multiple skills to bear, think cross-culturally and adapt quickly. Diversity helps us recognize different local and global standards. This means we can come together as a single global community to respect and embrace differences with understanding, enthusiasm and knowledge.