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ATLASBX will move forward to be the leader in global battery industry by developing innovative strategies and enhancing our brand value. Since its establishment in 1944, ATLASBX has grown as a global battery manufacturer that creates valuable solutions with a strong pioneering spirit.

In 1982, ATLASBX introduced the first MF(Maintenance-Free) battery in Korea and we have continued investing in research and development since then in order to satisfy our customers
as well as to strengthen our competitiveness. Later in 2013, ATLASBX has also developed UHPB (Ultra High Performance Battery) and AGM for Idle Stop & Go.

Furthermore, while accelerating ATLASBX's growth in the global market, an additional product facility was established in 2014 in Jeon-Ju, Korea. Now ATLASBX has become a global battery manufacturer with a secured production capacity of 13 million batteries. Everyone at ATLASBX
is promoting the corporate culture of "Proactive Leadership" by actively creating future value for our customers.

ATLASBX has a vision to become a 'Leading Global Energy Company' that can create a brighter future for our customers with innovative technology and sustainable values. Every step we take in going forward reflects that vision. We will continue to improve product quality and develop sustainable solutions in order to meet expectations of global customers and create a better world for everyone.

CEO of ATLASBX Co., Ltd. Suk Joon Won